Monday, 19 November 2007

On the Hoooman's Bed!!

Last time I was on the two foot bed I was a bit nervous and wet myself! So embarrassing! Since then I haven't been allowed on, until yesterday when a little box appeared next to the bed... I was jumping on and off as I pleased! It was very excited and Thea made this video

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

So Many Unloved Bunnies :' (

My hooman mummy is a member on the forum Rabbits United which is the online community for Rabbit Rehome, a website that helps unwanted and mistreated rabbits find new loving homes. Since being a member she has been exposed to the situtation of at least 30,000 rabbits in rescue centres all around the UK. Us little rabbits are the third most common pet in the UK yet there are so many that are unwanted and uncared for :' (

Recently the forum ran a competition for members to design a poster to make the public aware of all the bunny friends that need forever homes. Today she printed out 10 of the posters to send to veterinary clinics in our area.

If you want to do the same to help the unwanted bunny situation you can go to here and print out your own copies, you could ask anyone you know that owns a shop or your local vets to put one up in their window or waiting room.

Together we can help my bunny cousins find great homes just like mine!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Recent Piccies

Here's some recent pics of me! My eye was clear for ages but then started to water again last week.... it was quickly resolved with an eye bath, I feel much better now but I hate being caught, it's so distressing... but hey I guess these things have to be done!

Me looking grumpy! (you can see my great big house in the background)


Looking handsome!

My bunny mouth... how embarrassing!