Monday, 24 March 2008

I think it's LOVE!!!

Well, I haven't posted in what seems like an age... and I'll tell you why!

Here's the story; on the 1st of this month, I was bundled into the carrier and put into the car on what I thought was going to be another trip to the vets! Haha, little did I know! The car journey lasted far too long to be a vet trip, and to tell the truth I felt a little sick by the end of it.

We arrived at an unknown house where I was removed from the carrier... and briskfully thrown into a small encloser with another rabbit! I had not seen another rabbit in 9 months! I felt pleased, scared, shy and excited all at the same time!

I could smell this was a rabbit of the opposite sex! Bingo!

She came over to me.... what was I meant to do?! I'd not been on a date before... and to top it all off I had been removed of my man bits only weeks before... great! Anyway, she approached me and I freaked... I jumped backwards, put my foot in the water bowl, jumped again... and scared her.

After that I just sat in the corner for a bit, staring at my hooman, willing her to remove me from the most embarrassing situation which I now found myself in. She didn't, instead she just watched me!

I later plucked up the courage to approach this bunny, she was lovely, she didn't bite and she introduced herself as Broome (what a lovely name!) and we got to know each other. She was very accommodating, and she let me show her the moves I had been practicing for the last nine months. Boy was she impressed!!

Then we were bundled into the carrier together, and it was a much nicer ride home with my new friend.

Went we got back to my house the hoomans put us in the bathroom for a few days to get more acquainted. Then finally we moved back into my room... I was so excited to show Broome my bachelor pad (bachelor no longer!). When we entered, to my surprise we found that it had been made over - I had a new run attachment that we could frollick in all day long!

The rest is history really. Broome and I are very loved up. She is the sweetest thing and treats me really well, always grooming me and I return the favor by offering my cosy fur as a pillow!

Although initially I very much disliked my hooman for putting me in such a strange situation, now I really can't thank her enough for introducing me to my new best friend : )