Friday, 8 August 2008

Myxo Jab, what is this?!

We went outside the house today, in the carrier to a place called the Bets... oh no, hang on, Bobbin is telling me it's called the Vets! Well, whatever it's called it was like that place I went when we stayed with aunty Theo. They were very nice but they put something sharp under my skin, it hurt a bit! So I snuggled up really close to mummy!

Bobbin explained to me later that it's a vaccination, he says it's has nothing to do with vacuum cleaners, but it is a magic potion that stops a disease called Myxomatosis. The disease is very very harmful to us bunnies so it was very nice of our mummy to take us to get the potion, and I don't mind a tiny needle if it's good for me. Bobbin says it's carried on flying insects, like squashmitoes... now I understand why mummy squashed one the other day! *SLAP*, she went with her hands!

Bobbin says that we will be going back again soon for another potion against VHD, but he hasn't explained me what that is yet. I'm sure he will in time!

And when we got home mummy two-foot opened up a new BIG box of hay, it is the yummiest hay ever... and the box is very very big so I think we will be having yummy hay for a while. She says that it is Emerican hay, because they always have a good harvest. I will ask what it is called so that you can ask your two-footers to buy you it too! Yummers!

Bye now *waving*

Roo xx

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Vandals, Cakes and Drawlings

Roo and I were naughty yesterday, we upset mummy! We were out playing in our room after dinner and she was not there. We barricaded the door so when she came back she couldn't get back in! Clever hey?! We tipped the hay box over in front of the door, and while Roo stood guard I got in and kicked all the hay out in a big pile on mummy's precious carpet, clogging up the space under the door.

When she did come down she could barely poke her head round! It was so funny! Until she got in with a very angry face on! Opps!! She was not impressed...

I is innocent, I swear!

Roo got stuck in too, we are going to start a petition to keep it as a permanent feature! Tut!

This was all to get her back for that thing she does every month or so. She takes me in the bathroom, wraps me up in a big orrible towel, flips me over and cuts my nails!! And she coos at me and rubs my belly... oh the shame!

I must say it always feels nicer on my footsies when she is finished, but it really doesn't make up for the endured abuse! Oh, did I mentioned I get special treats afterwards too?!

Not treats like mummy has been making though, she's been doing more of those cake cups like Carlton's mummy Laura, though I highly doubt they were as nice as hers, mummy says she's a cakespert! There were very funny looking bright orange ones but lovely strawberry ones too, I liked the look of them the best, but was disappointed we couldn't have any... come on, they do have fruit in!!

Speaking of Carlton, look what mummy drew for Laura! It's Carlton hiding behind a MASSIVE cake cup!! I think even Thea would have trouble eating that!!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Uh Oh, Look What Our Two-Foot's Been Up To!

Mummy is such a copy kitty! That Laura, Carlton's two-foot, has got her on the bakey cakey revolution and she is the lastest comrade! Suddenly she thinks it's ok to become all domesticated!!

Looksie what she got up to yesterday.... frankly I thought it was all a bit warm for bothering about with that black cupboard that makes lots of hot air, but I must say when these hooman eatsies came out they smelt oh so gooood!

Only down side is she said to me and Bobbin "Look but don't touch" whatever that is supposed to mean, anyway we weren't allowed any!

But.... we did get one of those juicy blackberry thingy bobs on top.... mummmm yummers they were very nice thank you!!

Roo x

Friday, 25 July 2008

We Are a Cakey Bakey!

I am very excited, shall I tell you why?!

Well, Carlton's mummy Laura, who talks to our mummy Thea, makes something sticky and edible that the hoomans call cuppycakes. She makes them all pretty and colourful with things on top.

Well yesterday she made one featuring... yep, you guessed it.... Bobbin (that's me) and Roo!!

Here it is -aren't we sweet!

Mummy got very excited about it all and said she wanted to start making them too! She did say though, that she wanted to go straight round to Laura's house and eat Bobbin and Roo because they looked so yummy... this worried me if I'm perfectly honest, and I got Roo and we went to hide!!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

We've Been On Holiday!

Roo and I went on holiday this week! We stayed 3 nights with our hooman aunty Theo who runs The Rabbit Retreat and is friends with our mummy. The Rabbit Retreat is a lovely rescue, Theo takes in old and injured bunnies and makes them better again. We were very honored to stay with her because we are neither old nor injured!

We actually went on holiday there because Roo went into the hospital. I went with her to hold her paw and groom her when she wasn't feeling well. They took something out of her.... not sure what, but I know they did because she has a wound on her tummy. Just like the time they took my plums!! I haven't told Roo and I don't think she has even noticed it's there so I just hope she doesn't see this post and realise what they did to her! I think they must have taken the girl equivalent of plums, but I don't know what it is called : /

These are two photos Theo took of us on the first night, nomnoms!

So after her appointment the next morning, we stayed in the hospital for a little while. I was there cuddling Roo when she woke up, she was very dizzy! Then Theo came to take us back to her house. Theo looked after us and I looked after Roo. For a while after we were back from the vets Roo wouldn't eat, I think she felt very tired and poorly. I was really hungry but I couldn't eat seeing her like that so waited for her to feel better, even though the food was right in front of my nose..... I was soooo hungry!

Eventually I couldn't take it any more and urged Ruby to eat, I went over to the food to show her where it was, she wasn't having any of it, but I knew she had to eat to get her strength back so I went over and nudged her, pushing her towards the food, whispering that she must eat to make herself feel better, and she did!! Finally, I was so pleased because I had been worried about her.... oh and I could fill my tummy too! Teehee!!

Here's a piccy Theo took after Roo decided to eat again. She sent it to mummy and it made her really happy : )

We stayed with Theo for two more nights and we were thoroughly spoilt, she gave us lots of yummy curly kale, I just hope she told out mummy just how much we like it so that she gives it to us too! WE NEED CURLY KALE MUMMY!!!

Then she came and picked us up and took us home, it's nice to be back and I do miss aunty Theo : ( I struggled so much when we had to go that I broke a nail off! Ouuuccchhhhhy!!! And they didn't even notice till we got home even though I bleeded all over mummy's t-shirt! Mummy just sat there and watched me while I had to pull it off and clean up the blood : ( But I don't mind because she gave me lots of basil for being such a brave boy : ) My nail and Roo's tummy are healing nicely and it's good to be back in our cosy home, even if mummy isn't letting us out to play much - but she told me it's to help Roo get better more quickly so I don't mind as much!

Back at home and mummy took this photo of us yesterday, it's one of my favorites of me and my girl!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

My Gotcha Day!

Mummy says that it is my Gotchame thingy Day today! She said that this is the day we celebrate me coming to live here... it is one year ago today that she first brought me home.

Roo and I were given some super yummy basil for the occasion and lots of piccies were taken to mark the event.

Mummy says I have grown a lot in one year... look at me then:

... and now... oh so handsome, even if I do say so myself

The juicy basil that I tried to scoff before Roo came along!

Sharing with Roo

Nomnoming from mummy's hand

Do you know what? I am really pleased I live here, there are so many other horrible places I could be, but I have the bestest home ever, and now little Roo has come to live with me, I couldn't ask for anything else! I just can't beleive it's been a whole hooman year!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Naughty Bunsters We Are Wee Are!

Hello again everybunny peeps!!

I have had a lovely week and today mummy says I have put on more weight. She has been weighing me ever since I came to live here, this is how I have grown:

15 May - 7 Weeks Old - 580g
22 May - 8 Weeks Old - 860g
3 June - 10 Weeks Old - 980g
14 June - 11 Weeks Old - 1,110g ( or as mummy says, 1.1 kiloos!)

Wow, Bobbin only weights 1.3kg - I am catching him up fast!

I was a very clever and naughty bunny last Sunday. Mummy went out for the day and we were left with daddy, so almost as soon as she had gone I gave him the fright of his life!!

They have this webby cam thingy that they spy on us with, anyway he came to set it up, pointing it in the direction of our cage and then left again. Shortly after, I came up with my cunning plan and before Bobbin or anyone else could see I was outside the cage and in the room, leaving Bobbin stranded and feeling very please with myself!

I had a bit of a run around and had a piddle on the sofa for good measure, but felt a bit bad because Bobbin couldn't get out. Then daddy came down stairs with a very not-amused face on! He must have seen all the fun I was having on the webby cam. But he let Bobbin out and heheheeee we were both free to run around an do as we pleased for the rest of the day!

Oh I felt so clever and mummy still doesn't know to this day how I did it! Although she has now gotten her revenge and put a big white sheet thingy over the cage, hmmmmm oh well, I never did say that was the way I escaped! *rubs paws together gleefully and laughs* Mwahahaaa!! Hee!

Roo xx

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Welcoming Me - Dedicated to Julia

Hello, I am little Roo!

I have decided to have a go at this blogging thingy, well I couldn't possibly let Bobster have ALL the fun! I will be putting up guest posts every now and again - so long as I am allowed and don't cause too much mischief! Teehee!

Hey this is cool, so what shall I talk to you about? Mmmm let's see, let me tell you the story of my life so far...

I came into this world approximately 11 weeks ago. I had two other siblings and we lived with our bunny mummy for 5 weeks, it was lovely, all snuggly and warm in the nest she had built for us. We were cosy, until one day when we all got whisked away. Mummy gave birth to more babies and there wasn't enough room for all of us, so being the eldest we had to leave - even though we were only tiny ourselves. It seemed like our doom, but to my surprise we were taken away by the nicest hooman lady you could dream of, her name was Julia. She kept us warm just like mummy did, she gave us milk and talked to us, she called us "The Babies"!

We stayed with Julia until we were 7 weeks old. Then came the day my sibbies had to leave, we said goodbye and I was left all alone. Only for one night though, the next day I too was lifted up by Julia - I wondered where I was going, but I wasn't scared, I trusted her and knew she would make sure I was safe. We went on a journey and the next thing I knew was that I was being woken up and lifted from the carrier. I was placed in the arms of another hooman, I was sleepy and leaned into her. She was warm. Then I was put on the floor, I looked about and was shocked to see another bunny, a BIG bunny! He looked just like me, the same colouring, the same floppy ears (well ok, only one of mine is floppy!) and he came over to see me, he smelt nice and he was warm and fluffy, I liked him. It was Bobbin and we became friends straight away. After sometime Julia left, I was sad to see her go, but happy to be in a lovely new place with my new bestest buddy Bobs. I will never forget Julia, and how she looked after us and kept us warm when we had no bunny mummy.

The last few weeks with Bobbin and my new hooman family have been fantastic, but being little I am a bit tired now and must get some sleepy time! No doubt Bobs will update you with more newsy stuff soon.

See you soon bunny and hooman buddies!

Little Ruby Roo xx

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Meet My Mate...

... Carlton Jamal, he has his own blog now too! Hop over to his blog at to see what this uber cool and very naughty rastafari bunny gets up to!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Update on my Love Life

I've got a mixture of sad and happy news. After 5 weeks of marriage Broome and I divorced. Everything was going well; we had a lovely bunnymoon, a few weeks of absolute bliss but one day it just went down hill, I think she decided that she no longer liked living with me and that I was not the one for her after all. It made me sad, I still loved her though, and something in me says she loved me too, we just weren't meant to be together - "not compatible" I think the hoomans call it!

She has gone to stay with the lovely Jane D until a perfect partner comes along for her.

One very exciting thing that did happen in the midst of all this is that we went to visit Jane, and I for the first time discovered the joys of sunshine and grass. What a wonderful thing that is!! I am a housebun you see and have never before experienced this "outdoor" world... it was fresh, and beautiful to have the sun on my face and breeze in my fur! Hoomans snapped this piccy of me out in the garden, and they promise that I can have more outdoor time during good weather in the summer - I can't wait, but for now am perfectly contented to be indoors in the snug!

The Happy News!!

So after Broome went it was just me and the hoomans again. It wasn't all that bad, they have been spoiling me rotten! I have been returning the favor by giving them a good grooming, which I think they like because I've not really done it before. But then last Sunday a lovely lady came to see my hooman, they came into my room and put a carrier on the floor, they opened up the carrier, I hopped in to see what it was all about and found loads of yummy pellets!!!! Ok, ok that was not the best bit - after a few minutes they put a little fluffy thing on the floor, it was a teeny bunny girl!! She was lovely, so small and sweet, I really liked her straight away, and I think she likes me too : )

We have been living together in my house for the last week and it has been terrific, she is so sweet natured and really funny, she binkies about everywhere, like a little spring lamb! Sometimes she catches me off guard with her speed but then I just laugh about it and follow her about. She grooms me and we snooze together, eat together, poop together! Her name is Ruby Roo and I have a feeling that we are going to be very happy together.

Monday, 24 March 2008

I think it's LOVE!!!

Well, I haven't posted in what seems like an age... and I'll tell you why!

Here's the story; on the 1st of this month, I was bundled into the carrier and put into the car on what I thought was going to be another trip to the vets! Haha, little did I know! The car journey lasted far too long to be a vet trip, and to tell the truth I felt a little sick by the end of it.

We arrived at an unknown house where I was removed from the carrier... and briskfully thrown into a small encloser with another rabbit! I had not seen another rabbit in 9 months! I felt pleased, scared, shy and excited all at the same time!

I could smell this was a rabbit of the opposite sex! Bingo!

She came over to me.... what was I meant to do?! I'd not been on a date before... and to top it all off I had been removed of my man bits only weeks before... great! Anyway, she approached me and I freaked... I jumped backwards, put my foot in the water bowl, jumped again... and scared her.

After that I just sat in the corner for a bit, staring at my hooman, willing her to remove me from the most embarrassing situation which I now found myself in. She didn't, instead she just watched me!

I later plucked up the courage to approach this bunny, she was lovely, she didn't bite and she introduced herself as Broome (what a lovely name!) and we got to know each other. She was very accommodating, and she let me show her the moves I had been practicing for the last nine months. Boy was she impressed!!

Then we were bundled into the carrier together, and it was a much nicer ride home with my new friend.

Went we got back to my house the hoomans put us in the bathroom for a few days to get more acquainted. Then finally we moved back into my room... I was so excited to show Broome my bachelor pad (bachelor no longer!). When we entered, to my surprise we found that it had been made over - I had a new run attachment that we could frollick in all day long!

The rest is history really. Broome and I are very loved up. She is the sweetest thing and treats me really well, always grooming me and I return the favor by offering my cosy fur as a pillow!

Although initially I very much disliked my hooman for putting me in such a strange situation, now I really can't thank her enough for introducing me to my new best friend : )

Monday, 11 February 2008

What a Weak Week!!

Well I've had a bit of a time this past week. Remember I said I was going for a health check? Well that wasn't the end of it, I was whisked back to the vets again last Wednesday, and left there! My hooman just handed me over! I had no idea what was going on. But they put me in a nice place with food and water. Next thing I knew though they had me out again and on a table, there were lots of hoomans wearing green! Then OUCH!! they injected me with something, shoved a tube down my throat..... and I was out cold!

When I came round I was really dizzy and was a bit wobbly on my little legs. However, there were lots of lovely hooman girls offering me tasty morsels so I decided to eat, and it made me feel a whole lot better. A while afterwards I was cleaning myself and notice something a little odd, something was missing..... Oh no, I realised my plums had gone!! Those nasty hoomans had taken my man bits! Although the upside is I do feel a lot lighter! Hehe!

A day and a night passed and by this time I was feeling right as rain again, although was a little peeved off because the stuff they had put me on made my lovely white paws turn black! I think the hoomans call it newspaper. I had a bit of a read of it while I was in there, very boring really, I couldn't make out what the author was on about, politics or some nonesense like that.

I was put back in my carrier and then I saw my two-foot mum, she had come to take me home! I was glad to see her and be back in my palatial pad again, but to teach her a lesson I ignored her for a few hours, she needs to learn not to scare me like that again!

This is a warning to all of you out there, just be careful when they take you to strange places with hoomans dressed in green, you might come out of it minus a pair of plums! But don't worry because they treat you really nice and you gets lots of yummy food and toys afterwards, I was given this great carrot patch as a get well gift.... it's so cool, I could throw these carrots about all day if I didn't need my bunny beauty sleep!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

National Rabbit Week 2008

Hey guys and gals. This week 21st - 27th January is National Rabbit Week. The initiative is sponsored by Burgess Excel (yummy food!) and during the week you can find activities and free dental/health checks (hopefully) near you.

Visit the website to see what's going on in your area. If you can't find anything it's worth asking your own vet if they are participating. That's what my hoooman did and it turns out I am having a free health check this Friday.... oh boy I can't wait!

She also mentioned something about the "snip", no idea what that means but I hope it's something nice!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

OoooOOO a shelled thing?!

Well, this thing called Christmas came around and it was a lot of fun. I'm not sure what it's all about and if it will happen again but this is what I got up to...

... I met a little friend, I think it's a she although at first I just thought it was a staionary object! Her name is Zetti and I think she likes me too : )

The moment we met

Where's the head gone?!

Zetti sneaking up on me
I let her check out my toys : )

Posing together
I think I wore her out!
All alone again : (
The two-foots say she will be back to visit me again, and I can't wait to see if she has grown by then.