Sunday, 29 June 2008

My Gotcha Day!

Mummy says that it is my Gotchame thingy Day today! She said that this is the day we celebrate me coming to live here... it is one year ago today that she first brought me home.

Roo and I were given some super yummy basil for the occasion and lots of piccies were taken to mark the event.

Mummy says I have grown a lot in one year... look at me then:

... and now... oh so handsome, even if I do say so myself

The juicy basil that I tried to scoff before Roo came along!

Sharing with Roo

Nomnoming from mummy's hand

Do you know what? I am really pleased I live here, there are so many other horrible places I could be, but I have the bestest home ever, and now little Roo has come to live with me, I couldn't ask for anything else! I just can't beleive it's been a whole hooman year!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Naughty Bunsters We Are Wee Are!

Hello again everybunny peeps!!

I have had a lovely week and today mummy says I have put on more weight. She has been weighing me ever since I came to live here, this is how I have grown:

15 May - 7 Weeks Old - 580g
22 May - 8 Weeks Old - 860g
3 June - 10 Weeks Old - 980g
14 June - 11 Weeks Old - 1,110g ( or as mummy says, 1.1 kiloos!)

Wow, Bobbin only weights 1.3kg - I am catching him up fast!

I was a very clever and naughty bunny last Sunday. Mummy went out for the day and we were left with daddy, so almost as soon as she had gone I gave him the fright of his life!!

They have this webby cam thingy that they spy on us with, anyway he came to set it up, pointing it in the direction of our cage and then left again. Shortly after, I came up with my cunning plan and before Bobbin or anyone else could see I was outside the cage and in the room, leaving Bobbin stranded and feeling very please with myself!

I had a bit of a run around and had a piddle on the sofa for good measure, but felt a bit bad because Bobbin couldn't get out. Then daddy came down stairs with a very not-amused face on! He must have seen all the fun I was having on the webby cam. But he let Bobbin out and heheheeee we were both free to run around an do as we pleased for the rest of the day!

Oh I felt so clever and mummy still doesn't know to this day how I did it! Although she has now gotten her revenge and put a big white sheet thingy over the cage, hmmmmm oh well, I never did say that was the way I escaped! *rubs paws together gleefully and laughs* Mwahahaaa!! Hee!

Roo xx

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Welcoming Me - Dedicated to Julia

Hello, I am little Roo!

I have decided to have a go at this blogging thingy, well I couldn't possibly let Bobster have ALL the fun! I will be putting up guest posts every now and again - so long as I am allowed and don't cause too much mischief! Teehee!

Hey this is cool, so what shall I talk to you about? Mmmm let's see, let me tell you the story of my life so far...

I came into this world approximately 11 weeks ago. I had two other siblings and we lived with our bunny mummy for 5 weeks, it was lovely, all snuggly and warm in the nest she had built for us. We were cosy, until one day when we all got whisked away. Mummy gave birth to more babies and there wasn't enough room for all of us, so being the eldest we had to leave - even though we were only tiny ourselves. It seemed like our doom, but to my surprise we were taken away by the nicest hooman lady you could dream of, her name was Julia. She kept us warm just like mummy did, she gave us milk and talked to us, she called us "The Babies"!

We stayed with Julia until we were 7 weeks old. Then came the day my sibbies had to leave, we said goodbye and I was left all alone. Only for one night though, the next day I too was lifted up by Julia - I wondered where I was going, but I wasn't scared, I trusted her and knew she would make sure I was safe. We went on a journey and the next thing I knew was that I was being woken up and lifted from the carrier. I was placed in the arms of another hooman, I was sleepy and leaned into her. She was warm. Then I was put on the floor, I looked about and was shocked to see another bunny, a BIG bunny! He looked just like me, the same colouring, the same floppy ears (well ok, only one of mine is floppy!) and he came over to see me, he smelt nice and he was warm and fluffy, I liked him. It was Bobbin and we became friends straight away. After sometime Julia left, I was sad to see her go, but happy to be in a lovely new place with my new bestest buddy Bobs. I will never forget Julia, and how she looked after us and kept us warm when we had no bunny mummy.

The last few weeks with Bobbin and my new hooman family have been fantastic, but being little I am a bit tired now and must get some sleepy time! No doubt Bobs will update you with more newsy stuff soon.

See you soon bunny and hooman buddies!

Little Ruby Roo xx

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Meet My Mate...

... Carlton Jamal, he has his own blog now too! Hop over to his blog at to see what this uber cool and very naughty rastafari bunny gets up to!