Monday, 11 February 2008

What a Weak Week!!

Well I've had a bit of a time this past week. Remember I said I was going for a health check? Well that wasn't the end of it, I was whisked back to the vets again last Wednesday, and left there! My hooman just handed me over! I had no idea what was going on. But they put me in a nice place with food and water. Next thing I knew though they had me out again and on a table, there were lots of hoomans wearing green! Then OUCH!! they injected me with something, shoved a tube down my throat..... and I was out cold!

When I came round I was really dizzy and was a bit wobbly on my little legs. However, there were lots of lovely hooman girls offering me tasty morsels so I decided to eat, and it made me feel a whole lot better. A while afterwards I was cleaning myself and notice something a little odd, something was missing..... Oh no, I realised my plums had gone!! Those nasty hoomans had taken my man bits! Although the upside is I do feel a lot lighter! Hehe!

A day and a night passed and by this time I was feeling right as rain again, although was a little peeved off because the stuff they had put me on made my lovely white paws turn black! I think the hoomans call it newspaper. I had a bit of a read of it while I was in there, very boring really, I couldn't make out what the author was on about, politics or some nonesense like that.

I was put back in my carrier and then I saw my two-foot mum, she had come to take me home! I was glad to see her and be back in my palatial pad again, but to teach her a lesson I ignored her for a few hours, she needs to learn not to scare me like that again!

This is a warning to all of you out there, just be careful when they take you to strange places with hoomans dressed in green, you might come out of it minus a pair of plums! But don't worry because they treat you really nice and you gets lots of yummy food and toys afterwards, I was given this great carrot patch as a get well gift.... it's so cool, I could throw these carrots about all day if I didn't need my bunny beauty sleep!