Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Gifts for my two-foot!!

Well I went and opened my big bunny mouth too soon didn't I?!

Yesterday my left eye was watering a little.... and I was given an eye bath AGAIN!!! With a bit of wriggling I did manage to get free but by that time my face was already soaked!

It does feel better for it though.

Last night I thought it would be nice to give my two-foot a little prezzie in the morning, just to say thanks for the eye bath and all.... well she came in this morning to give me food, and she was delighted by the poo I had stuck to the wall!!! Heheheheeeeee!!

Sunday, 16 September 2007


It's been a week since Thea, my two-foot mummy, bathed my eyes, and although I totally hated it at the time, my eyes have been great all week! No watering so I'm really pleased but I've got my paws crossed too!

So I've been really happy, racing around. Here's a video Thea took of me!

Monday, 10 September 2007

More Tears

I haven't been feeling very well again recently. My eye stopped watering for about a week but then my right one started to water and then my left again! Yesterday my two-foot mum bathed my eyes in sterilsed water to help soothe them and get rid of the salt that had accumulated in my fur. I was very annoyed at first, she turned me upside down again to do it! Afterwards it felt much better but look how silly I looked.... worse than before! I'm not vain or anything, but come on... I look like a drowned rat! This is my mean face, I wanted to get her back!

Finally I decided that if I didn't dry my own face, no one else was going to do it for me... do I have to do everything around here?!

I must say I felt much better today, even though one eye is still a bit watery at least they're not salty! Good on my two-foot!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Another Vet Trip! (Myxomatosis Vaccination)

My eye started to get better after a week of goo application, but despite this I was once again tricked into my carrier with a treat and taken to the vets. Note to self: I really must not be tempted by treats in carriers!

Again I saw the really nice two-foot lady, she checked me over but was really gentle. At one point I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed! Then it came again…. OWWWWW!! that sharp pain…. yet another vaccination! This one was for Myxomatosis, another deadly disease that us buns get. It’s spread by contact with infected rabbits or by biting insects such as mosquitoes or fleas. It is very common to have serious outbreaks of it during the summer when mosquitoes are rife and this year it has been particularly bad due to the wet but warm weather which mosquitoes thrive in. It kills very painfully so I’m very pleased to have the vaccination for it, it shows that my two-foot mum really cares about me too! Even though I’m a house bun it’s essential to have the vaccination as insects can still get in through windows and doors. The vaccination won’t stop me from getting it at all but gives me much better chances of pulling through and surviving should I ever catch it…. I’m preying and crossing paws that I never do!

You can find out more about Myxomatosis and why all bunnies should be vaccinated at the following link: http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rwf/articles/understanding_myxo_feb06.htm

Saturday, 8 September 2007

A Bit Teary

Two days after the VHD vaccination I had a watery eye. Once again I was whisked away in the carrier, but too a different place this time and I must say there weren’t so many cats and dogs about so I felt much safer. The two-foot lady that handled me there was very gentle too, I actually quite liked her until she put some gooey stuff it my eye! Mind you, it did feel a lot better after that. Little did I know though that this treatment would carry on at home each day for another one and a half weeks! At first I just gave in, I was wrapped up really snugly in a towel, I heard them call it a "Bunny Burrito" and immediately thought I was lunch! Not so however, they just put that goo in my eye. I say they, it was my two-foot mummy and her boyfriend, I thought he smelt funny at first but now I think he's really cool, he runs around and I case him!!

Anyway, it turns out I had a scratch on my cornea, either way I disliked this evening routine of Burritoing and after a few days decided to really fight against it. I thumped my feet as loudly as I could and whenever they attempted to Buritto me I would escape! Hahaa… that was until they found a new technique, instead of using the towel they just picked me up and turned me over…. upside down! This is very scary so I just tend to stay still, eventually I don’t mind and I just lie there until they are done.

Other reasons for watery eyes in rabbits can be much more serious and any bun with a watery eye should be taken to the vet so that a proper diagnosis can be made.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Plans to take over the world!

My two foot gave me my OWN account... now my posts will show as being posted by me! Woopeeee! I now have full control *evil laughs*

What’s that?! (VHD Vaccination)

So I was quite happy and settled in my new home when one day I was let out to play and I found my carrier with the door open. I was curious so hopped in… Yey, I found a treat! But as soon as I started to munch on it the door closed behind me and I was locked inside! The same thing happened as before, I had a bit of a bumpy ride, not as long as last time and was taken somewhere awful. The whole place stank of predators and I could see massive dogs and cats through the wicker of my carrier. I was very scared!

I was picked up out of my carrier by a complete two-foot stranger, he turned me over, poked me, prodded me and stuck this great big thing in my mouth… I was a little bit traumatised to say the least! Then to top it all off he jabbed a great long sharp thing into the skin behind my neck OOOOWWWWWW!!!!

Eventually I was taken home and after 5 minutes I realised I was safe again. My two-foot mummy gave me treats and I later learned that I had just had a vaccination. This particular one was against a horrible disease that bunnies get called Viral Hemorrhage Disease or VHD. It’s really nasty and has killed lots of bunnies very quickly and painfully. Even though it was an unpleasant experience I’m really grateful to my two-foot mum for protecting me from such a horrible fate. VHD vaccinations should be done once a year, so I’ll have to go through it again but at least I’m safe till then!

You can find out more information about VHD and why all bunster’s should be vaccinated against it at this link: http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rwf/articles/VHD_UK.htm

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Here's a bit of history...

I came into to this world along with a brother and a sister. My brother was identical to me in colouring, a broken sooty fawn, broken because we are patchy with while underneath, not actually broken, we came out whole! My sister was a full colour sooty fawn and very pretty indeed. My Mum was the same colouring as me. I don’t know what my dad looked like as I never met him.

We lived in a hutch all together for what seemed like a long time. But then we got separated by the two foot lady, me and my brother stayed together, but I never saw my mum or my sister again after that. My brother and I lived happily together with some friends until one day when my bro was taken away too.

I was left in a hutch with my mates until the day that I too was taken.

I wasn’t scared, I was taken out by one of the two foots, and put into a wicker carrier with lots of hay inside. It smelt like home.

After a bit of a bumpy ride I arrived at a new house. There I was set free from the carrier. I was very nervous at first. Everything smelt so gross and strange! I roamed very cautiously around the floor, it was covered in a very yummy looking beige grass, I believe the two legged call it carpet. To check out my surroundings I was bobbing up and down, sniff the air... this is how I got my name, Bobbin! I found a great big house and made it my home. It was loads bigger than what I was used to and I had it all to myself. All to myself indeed, I really missed my brother’s company and was a bit lonely at first.

The two foot girl came to feed me regularly so I started to like her, but I was still cautious not only did my new home smell funny, she did too! She let me out each evening to run around my room and she would play with me, she runs away and I chase her! I'm very fast you see, especially when I do massive binkies in the air!

That was all 2 months ago and I have settled in really well and I’m starting to trust this two foot girl more and more each day. I supposed she’s alright really, except when she tries to pick me up! What is all that about? I’m perfectly happy on the floor, thank you!

Since then loads has happened but I will save that for my next post, my paws are getting sore from typing… these keyboards really aren’t bunny friendly!

My first post!

Well, who would have thought it, a bunny blog! Hehee

Luckily where I live is an excellent broadband connection courtesy of my two-footed friend, she pays the bills of course, that just leaves me to exceed to download limit!

Since I am now a whole 4 months old, I will have to update you on a little bit of history. But I'll leave that till next time as it's bed time for bunnies now!

Ta ra!