Sunday, 2 December 2007

Finally Famous!!!

My hooman made her Christmas card this year featuring moi of course! She showed them to people on RU and someone saw them who wanted to use it for their organisation Respect for Animals which campaigns against animal cruelty.

So now people can buy their Christmas cards featuring me whilst also helping a fantastic cause... I'm so proud!!

Here's the card design: *blushes*

The cards are available to buy online from the Respect for Animals shop here

They were so popular that she was asked to do more, each person has sent a donation to a rabbit rescue in exchange for their illustration. Here are some of them (aren't the bunnies lovely?!):

First a Christmas card... next, THE WHOLE WORLD!! Mwahahaaaa!

*note to self, must stop the evil laughter*

Obviously all images are copyrighted Thea Schultheiss 2007 (my hooman!)