Friday, 8 August 2008

Myxo Jab, what is this?!

We went outside the house today, in the carrier to a place called the Bets... oh no, hang on, Bobbin is telling me it's called the Vets! Well, whatever it's called it was like that place I went when we stayed with aunty Theo. They were very nice but they put something sharp under my skin, it hurt a bit! So I snuggled up really close to mummy!

Bobbin explained to me later that it's a vaccination, he says it's has nothing to do with vacuum cleaners, but it is a magic potion that stops a disease called Myxomatosis. The disease is very very harmful to us bunnies so it was very nice of our mummy to take us to get the potion, and I don't mind a tiny needle if it's good for me. Bobbin says it's carried on flying insects, like squashmitoes... now I understand why mummy squashed one the other day! *SLAP*, she went with her hands!

Bobbin says that we will be going back again soon for another potion against VHD, but he hasn't explained me what that is yet. I'm sure he will in time!

And when we got home mummy two-foot opened up a new BIG box of hay, it is the yummiest hay ever... and the box is very very big so I think we will be having yummy hay for a while. She says that it is Emerican hay, because they always have a good harvest. I will ask what it is called so that you can ask your two-footers to buy you it too! Yummers!

Bye now *waving*

Roo xx

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Vandals, Cakes and Drawlings

Roo and I were naughty yesterday, we upset mummy! We were out playing in our room after dinner and she was not there. We barricaded the door so when she came back she couldn't get back in! Clever hey?! We tipped the hay box over in front of the door, and while Roo stood guard I got in and kicked all the hay out in a big pile on mummy's precious carpet, clogging up the space under the door.

When she did come down she could barely poke her head round! It was so funny! Until she got in with a very angry face on! Opps!! She was not impressed...

I is innocent, I swear!

Roo got stuck in too, we are going to start a petition to keep it as a permanent feature! Tut!

This was all to get her back for that thing she does every month or so. She takes me in the bathroom, wraps me up in a big orrible towel, flips me over and cuts my nails!! And she coos at me and rubs my belly... oh the shame!

I must say it always feels nicer on my footsies when she is finished, but it really doesn't make up for the endured abuse! Oh, did I mentioned I get special treats afterwards too?!

Not treats like mummy has been making though, she's been doing more of those cake cups like Carlton's mummy Laura, though I highly doubt they were as nice as hers, mummy says she's a cakespert! There were very funny looking bright orange ones but lovely strawberry ones too, I liked the look of them the best, but was disappointed we couldn't have any... come on, they do have fruit in!!

Speaking of Carlton, look what mummy drew for Laura! It's Carlton hiding behind a MASSIVE cake cup!! I think even Thea would have trouble eating that!!