Thursday, 19 June 2008

Naughty Bunsters We Are Wee Are!

Hello again everybunny peeps!!

I have had a lovely week and today mummy says I have put on more weight. She has been weighing me ever since I came to live here, this is how I have grown:

15 May - 7 Weeks Old - 580g
22 May - 8 Weeks Old - 860g
3 June - 10 Weeks Old - 980g
14 June - 11 Weeks Old - 1,110g ( or as mummy says, 1.1 kiloos!)

Wow, Bobbin only weights 1.3kg - I am catching him up fast!

I was a very clever and naughty bunny last Sunday. Mummy went out for the day and we were left with daddy, so almost as soon as she had gone I gave him the fright of his life!!

They have this webby cam thingy that they spy on us with, anyway he came to set it up, pointing it in the direction of our cage and then left again. Shortly after, I came up with my cunning plan and before Bobbin or anyone else could see I was outside the cage and in the room, leaving Bobbin stranded and feeling very please with myself!

I had a bit of a run around and had a piddle on the sofa for good measure, but felt a bit bad because Bobbin couldn't get out. Then daddy came down stairs with a very not-amused face on! He must have seen all the fun I was having on the webby cam. But he let Bobbin out and heheheeee we were both free to run around an do as we pleased for the rest of the day!

Oh I felt so clever and mummy still doesn't know to this day how I did it! Although she has now gotten her revenge and put a big white sheet thingy over the cage, hmmmmm oh well, I never did say that was the way I escaped! *rubs paws together gleefully and laughs* Mwahahaaa!! Hee!

Roo xx

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Carlton Jamal said...

Clever Roo! These hoomins is so silly they will never be as clever as us! I love mischief so this is the sort of story I love! teehee! i just bit holes in Mama's house trousers! I was pretending to be cute and licky, little did she know what i was really doing!!

You are growing to a big girl Roo! Well done, keep nibbling that hay (and peeing on the sofa, teehee).

Love to you and Bobbin xx