Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Update on my Love Life

I've got a mixture of sad and happy news. After 5 weeks of marriage Broome and I divorced. Everything was going well; we had a lovely bunnymoon, a few weeks of absolute bliss but one day it just went down hill, I think she decided that she no longer liked living with me and that I was not the one for her after all. It made me sad, I still loved her though, and something in me says she loved me too, we just weren't meant to be together - "not compatible" I think the hoomans call it!

She has gone to stay with the lovely Jane D until a perfect partner comes along for her.

One very exciting thing that did happen in the midst of all this is that we went to visit Jane, and I for the first time discovered the joys of sunshine and grass. What a wonderful thing that is!! I am a housebun you see and have never before experienced this "outdoor" world... it was fresh, and beautiful to have the sun on my face and breeze in my fur! Hoomans snapped this piccy of me out in the garden, and they promise that I can have more outdoor time during good weather in the summer - I can't wait, but for now am perfectly contented to be indoors in the snug!

The Happy News!!

So after Broome went it was just me and the hoomans again. It wasn't all that bad, they have been spoiling me rotten! I have been returning the favor by giving them a good grooming, which I think they like because I've not really done it before. But then last Sunday a lovely lady came to see my hooman, they came into my room and put a carrier on the floor, they opened up the carrier, I hopped in to see what it was all about and found loads of yummy pellets!!!! Ok, ok that was not the best bit - after a few minutes they put a little fluffy thing on the floor, it was a teeny bunny girl!! She was lovely, so small and sweet, I really liked her straight away, and I think she likes me too : )

We have been living together in my house for the last week and it has been terrific, she is so sweet natured and really funny, she binkies about everywhere, like a little spring lamb! Sometimes she catches me off guard with her speed but then I just laugh about it and follow her about. She grooms me and we snooze together, eat together, poop together! Her name is Ruby Roo and I have a feeling that we are going to be very happy together.

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Carlton Jamal said...

Hi Bobbin, thanks for dropping by on my blog! Little Roo is a doll isn't she? Does she have any single bunfriends? Be sure to pass on my number if she has. ;-)