Monday, 28 July 2008

Uh Oh, Look What Our Two-Foot's Been Up To!

Mummy is such a copy kitty! That Laura, Carlton's two-foot, has got her on the bakey cakey revolution and she is the lastest comrade! Suddenly she thinks it's ok to become all domesticated!!

Looksie what she got up to yesterday.... frankly I thought it was all a bit warm for bothering about with that black cupboard that makes lots of hot air, but I must say when these hooman eatsies came out they smelt oh so gooood!

Only down side is she said to me and Bobbin "Look but don't touch" whatever that is supposed to mean, anyway we weren't allowed any!

But.... we did get one of those juicy blackberry thingy bobs on top.... mummmm yummers they were very nice thank you!!

Roo x


Ippo said...

Those cupcakes look real gooodd!
What kind of fruits can bunnies eat?

FrecklesandDeb said...

They are sure yummy looking. The berries, I mean. I had a little piece of peach this morning and thought I was in heaven.

Your human should make some bunny cakes out of oats or something.

Sir Bobbin said...

Hello Ippo!

Us bunnies can eat lots of different fruits. As a rule all seeds and pips should be removed. Some fruits contain toxins that may be harmful. Use a good rabbit food guide for reference, like the one called Feeding the House Rabbit from the MediRabbit website here


Anonymous said...

Ooh, more pretty cupcakes!! I love the teeny ones :D

Bertie Bunny said...

Eeehhh Bobbin'n'Roo, how do you do?
Lovin the cakes, they sure look scrummy!

Catch up soon,
Berts x

Carlton Jamal said...

ooh, your hoomin does mouth makes too! I never tried those nobbly bobbly things what is on top, I'm jealous. What we need is a bunny ladder to get to that cakey goodness!