Saturday, 12 July 2008

We've Been On Holiday!

Roo and I went on holiday this week! We stayed 3 nights with our hooman aunty Theo who runs The Rabbit Retreat and is friends with our mummy. The Rabbit Retreat is a lovely rescue, Theo takes in old and injured bunnies and makes them better again. We were very honored to stay with her because we are neither old nor injured!

We actually went on holiday there because Roo went into the hospital. I went with her to hold her paw and groom her when she wasn't feeling well. They took something out of her.... not sure what, but I know they did because she has a wound on her tummy. Just like the time they took my plums!! I haven't told Roo and I don't think she has even noticed it's there so I just hope she doesn't see this post and realise what they did to her! I think they must have taken the girl equivalent of plums, but I don't know what it is called : /

These are two photos Theo took of us on the first night, nomnoms!

So after her appointment the next morning, we stayed in the hospital for a little while. I was there cuddling Roo when she woke up, she was very dizzy! Then Theo came to take us back to her house. Theo looked after us and I looked after Roo. For a while after we were back from the vets Roo wouldn't eat, I think she felt very tired and poorly. I was really hungry but I couldn't eat seeing her like that so waited for her to feel better, even though the food was right in front of my nose..... I was soooo hungry!

Eventually I couldn't take it any more and urged Ruby to eat, I went over to the food to show her where it was, she wasn't having any of it, but I knew she had to eat to get her strength back so I went over and nudged her, pushing her towards the food, whispering that she must eat to make herself feel better, and she did!! Finally, I was so pleased because I had been worried about her.... oh and I could fill my tummy too! Teehee!!

Here's a piccy Theo took after Roo decided to eat again. She sent it to mummy and it made her really happy : )

We stayed with Theo for two more nights and we were thoroughly spoilt, she gave us lots of yummy curly kale, I just hope she told out mummy just how much we like it so that she gives it to us too! WE NEED CURLY KALE MUMMY!!!

Then she came and picked us up and took us home, it's nice to be back and I do miss aunty Theo : ( I struggled so much when we had to go that I broke a nail off! Ouuuccchhhhhy!!! And they didn't even notice till we got home even though I bleeded all over mummy's t-shirt! Mummy just sat there and watched me while I had to pull it off and clean up the blood : ( But I don't mind because she gave me lots of basil for being such a brave boy : ) My nail and Roo's tummy are healing nicely and it's good to be back in our cosy home, even if mummy isn't letting us out to play much - but she told me it's to help Roo get better more quickly so I don't mind as much!

Back at home and mummy took this photo of us yesterday, it's one of my favorites of me and my girl!


Carlton Jamal said...

wowwee Roo, you've grown into such a big girl! you were so super brave for your oppy-ray-shun and lucky to have Bobbin to nurse you!

Mama said they took her 'lady garden' and that it was good because otherwise she would keep pulling your fur out! Imagine that, Bobbin! That would have annoyed you after a while.

Kisses to Bobbin and Roo from me and Mama! Say hello to Mummy Thea for us! x

Theo said...

Awww Bobbin, it was an absolute pleasure looking after you and Ruby Roo, I am pleased to hear she is feeling much better, you were such a good boy looking after her.

Tell your mummy that you can come back any time you like,

Love you loads Theo xxx

Anonymous said...

Aww, that is such a nice pic of the buns!!

Bobbin is such a caring husbun, I bet many girl bunnies out are wishing they were in your shoes (or paws?). Glad you're feeling better already!